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In the beginning...

...was RebelCat 1. In fact, it started out as a raft. RebelCat 5 is the latest incarnation of a design which first emerged about eight years ago in Brazil. This short video on YouTube explains how it all happened...

RebelCat 2 on Lake Sajuaro, AZ, my dad and I

RebelCat 2 - Back in the USA, near Phoenix, Arizona I began designing RebelCat 2. It was a radical departure from that fun, little cat in Brazil, and it taught me a lot about what does and does not work on a homemade, take-apart, assemble-on-the-shore cat.

That departure would ultimately leave this cat high and dry, and partly recycled into the next cat (and book shelves, and...). Actually, the pontoons have been converted into a raft! Talk about coming full circle. But it sailed well, in spite of its odd design and weight-to-flotation excess.

RebelCat 2 pontoons recycled into a raft on a pond RebelCat 2 pontoons have been shortened, by removing the traffic cones fore and aft, and a wooden deck has been added. It now serves as a raft on a pond in Illinois. Some of the rest of the cat has been recycled into RebelCat 4. The two sails are now recut and work well on RebelCat 5 (see video on the Home Page).
The rest of this story appears to have been lost, due to the problem I had with my web site design software, exporting the site, importing it again... So just watch the video version of the evolution here.




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