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Hungary, 2011

In case you haven't seen this event mentioned in another place on this site, I consider this 'happening' the most significant in the world thus far.

Zoltan Keleman in Hungary asked his students to build five RebelCat 5 sailboats in one day, as a management training exercise. Here they are, all five, built in one day, plus Zoltan's cat (green sails). So far, this is the most impressive RebelCat 5 construction event I have seen.

Here's another video of this amazing exercise...

From Zoltan Keleman's email: I used RebelCat as an exam on a special Project
Management course. Thecompany (my client) studied project management issues.
I worked with them many times on this subject. Finally, I challanged them saying: You will have one day production time and two week preparation time for analysing
the DVD, buying the materials, obtaining tools. Your task is to produce 3, 4, or 5
catamarans with a certain budget. If you are able to produce 5 Cats, you will have
A+, four catamarans is A, 3 catamarans is a B. They passed the exam with A+. On the other hand, they made many simplifications: they did not use cones (only on one cat), the boom is much simpler and they used less pulleys. Anyway, the Cats were good and they went into the middle of the lake Balaton and got back. That was the test. Everybody was very enthusiastic.

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