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Update 2014: It is unlikely that I will find time to build RebelCat 6. Apologies to those who were hopeful, as I was, that it might happen sooner rather than later. Building my house takes priority, folks.

RebelCat 6 is for kids. Sure, an adult can have a blast with a little cat - I did! And if you plan to sail it close to shore for short periods, it's a lot of fun. My real intention in developing the RebelCat design has been to offer kids a new, easy way to get into really fun sailing, and to be free to sail when they want.

RebelCat 1 was the prototype for all PVC-pipe RebelCats which followed, especially RebelCat 5, which is closer to the prototype in design than either RC 2 or RC 4. RebelCat 6 is a combination of the simplicity, small size and 'fun factor' of RebelCat 1 and the comfort and control of RebelCat 5.

RebelCat 1 inspired and still inspires many people.  It's small, simple, fun, and easy to make quickly. However, mine had limitations in flotation, comfort, performance and control. So I have re-designed RebelCat 1 to improve all of those limitations.

Improvements: Flotation has been slightly improved by adding cones to the rear of the pontoons, and 8" pipe is slightly larger in diameter than the 20cm of RebelCat 1. But it will be plenty for kids. Comfort is improved with padded seats and deck, like RebelCat 5. Performance and control have been addressed with a traveler for the mainsail and adjustable jib fairleads, identical to RebelCat 5. The static centerboard has been replaced by a sliding daggerboard, and the one-piece rudder-tiller replaced with a kick-up rudder and tiller with extension.

RebelCat 6 is a scaled-down RebelCat 5. The design of RebelCat 5 has proved so successful that I have simply adapted the best features of it to RebelCat 6.

When? RebelCat 6 is done, on paper and in my mind, but I can't make any predictions about when I will build it. I already bought the pipe, so it will happen. Most likely 2010 at the earliest, because I am also building a house at present and have a dozen other projects. However, if you are eager to build RebelCat 6, the DVD on RebelCat 5 will show you everything you need to know to scale your cat smaller, using 8" pipe.

What is not on the DVD is the design for converting RebelCat 6 into its own trailer which can be pulled behind a bicycle. But you will surely figure that out.

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