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This page is for those who bought the DVD. And for those who are wondering if this web site is still active and if the DVD is still for sale. Yes to both. Each link below will take you to a page where you will find improvements to the RebelCat 5 design - changes that were made after the DVD was published. As I continue to experiment with RebelCat 5, I will share what I feel works better with you. Be sure to check out the newer rudder and centerboard designs - they are far superior to the ones described on the DVD. I have now had time to do extensive testing on both, and they are solid.

Update 2016: See update 2014. Yes, we're still here and sending out DVDs every week. Now over 800 DVDs sold, so only 200 left and going fast. My RebelCat 5 has been sold, no longer for sale.

Update 2014: For all those who want to know if this web site is still active, YES, we are alive and well. Is the DVD still for sale? YES, I still have some - over 500 sold so far.

I am currently building my house in the desert - an off-grid, underground house - and it is taking all of my time. I may not get around to another web site update for some time, but I am shipping DVDs and answering emails every week. Further development of the RebelCat design is on hold until I have a house to live in. Those interested in my house design and other web sites, see my Contact page.

Update 12-20-11

Update 10-28-09

Update 10-27-09

Update 7-29-09

Here you will find news related to RebelCat 5, improvements and modifications contributed by myself and RC 5 builders, and all things related to RC 5 design and construction.

October 28, 2009 - New Rudder Design, Renewed Old Rudder
A new rudder and the old one re-done like the new one. These are made in the ame way as the new CBs below. You will want to use this design in place of the one on the DVD.

October 27, 2009 - Two New Centerboards
Two new centerboards for you to check out. Now that they have been tested, I'm passing these on. The new design performs better than the original on the DVD. See the new rudder above.

July 29, 2009 - Preparations
What you can do while waiting for your DVD to arrive, and before you begin to make your cat.

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