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This YouTube video introduces RebelCat 5 in a slide show...
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Monohull or Multihull? - It's beyond the scope of this web site to present the advantages and disadvantages of these two very different kinds of sailboats, but if you want to sail, eventually you will have to pick one. Assuming you are here because you want to make and sail a catamaran, let's move on to which cat to make.

Which Cat should I Build? The DVD 'How to Make a Catamaran Sailboat from PVC Pipe' gives detailed, step-by-step instructions for making RebelCat 5. However, you can use the same plans to build your catamaran larger or smaller.

RebelCat 5 is a fast lake-cruising cat intended for one or two adults in the standard version and two to three adults (or two adults and small kids) in the extended version. There are versions?

Modular Design - It can be made 15 or 21 feet long, and the 21-foot cat can also be shortened in minutes to the standard length. This unique concept is only on RebelCat 5 - you won't see it anywhere else. Why would you want this?

If you want a cat for only one or two people, if you want less boat to transport, a shorter turning radius, less setup time, then the standard length will work fine.

If you want a gentler ride, even in choppy water, more flotation for more people and cargo, then the longer version is better. By building the longer version, you can change from a standard to a longer cat and back, because each pontoon is made from two sections, a main pontoon and an extension. See RebelCat 5's modular construction here.

Note: RebelCat 5 is designed for cruising on lakes, not ocean racing with one hull out of the water. It goes darn fast with both slender hulls in the water and leaves most monohulls in its wake. The DVD shows how to build RebelCat 5, a tested and proven design. This is a YouTube video of RebelCat 5 sailing (and leaving my friend in his monohull with the white sail in my wake):

The above video was made of footage from Lake Powell, UT and Willow Lake (Prescott), AZ. If you're interested to know how I filmed this, go here.

Full story of RebelCat 5 construction, assembly and sailing here.

News and construction tips in RebelCat 5 Updates.

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There is a wealth of related information in the FAQ (frequently asked questions).


The Evolution of RebelCats 1-5 in pictures

Latest YouTube video of the evolution of the RebelCat design here.

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