Original RebelCat 5 For Sale!

Update 2016: SOLD

Own a piece of sailing history! I never thought I would sell this amazing cat, but I'm too busy building a house to go sailing, and somebody should own this cat who is going to sail it, not just store it. Is that you?

The cat for sale is the final design of RebelCat 5, all parts plus extras:

  • The two painted pontoons, 21' with couplers joining two sections into one pontoon
  • The spreaders and deck with cushions, mast and boom with pulley blocks, cargo nets, stays
  • Four sails: One big mainsail, one big jib, one extra mainsail, one very big jib, halyards, sheets, topping lift
  • Two rudders, two centerboards, one tiller and extension
  • Two oars/paddles
  • RebelCat.com banner (top of the mast)
  • Special boom monopod for mounting camera/camcorder fore or aft


The deck and spreaders may need a coat of paint, that's all. No real damage to speak of anywhere. One sidestay anchor needs to be bent or welded. The deck and seat cushions have faded during sailing from sunlight, but no tears or damage. Mast was coated with resin to prevent oxidation, but the mast looks better than the resin, which can be scraped off - slight cosmetic issue only.

Except for some painting of the wood and the side stay anchor, it's ready to sail. It's been stored for a year or more and mostly needs a bath. Sails and cushions have been in safe storage, sails have no rips, mostly like new.

My most recent YouTube video (here) shows the sailboat you could own, with the smaller jib (the bigger/extra one - included - is huge). After these video clips were made (using my custom amazing monopod, visible on the front of the cat just before I pass the dock in the video), I parked the cat and have not used it.


$1000 complete, or best offer. Ask questions prior to buying. No refunds.


Near Prescott, Arizona. The cat must either be picked up or I will deliver it (at the asking price) within Arizona for $150. The whole cat packs on my pickup and shell's roof-rack.

Here's the YouTube video again. What you see is what you get, and what you get is one heck of a fast and fun cat:


This cat will probably sell quickly, so if you want it, don't delay. Contact me here.

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