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Eight years of development have gone into the DVD on how to make a catamaran sailboat from PVC pipe, and it's now available. It is the only one in the world, because I am the only one who has designed a complete sailing catamaran around PVC pipe pontoons.

RebelCat 5 is a tested and proven design, and you will be pleased with your own cat made from these step-by-step instructions. The cat sails well and fast, and it is easy to customize for your own particular sailing style.

Controls include a 55-inch-wide track and traveler (similar to a transom traveler) for the main sheet, to adjust the angle of the boom/mainsail to the cat and to shape the sail, downhaul to tighten the luff, outhaul to tighten the foot, adjustable fairlead positions for the jib for the same kind of precise sail-angle control, five-position kickup centerboard, which folds up under the padded deck.

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DVD Publisher: Marjamada Productions
DVD contents, chapter by chapter.

RebelCat 5 can be made in two variations or versions - a standard length of about 15 feet and a modular version which can be either 15 feet or 21 feet. The longer pontoons length is acheived with 6-foot extensions on each pontoon, held to the main pontoon by a coupler - an experiment which proved surprisingly successful. Feel free to make your cat any length, but check the Flotation Chart first. Update: Now that I have been sailing my RebelCat 5 for two years, I would suggest using 12" diameter pipe about 17' long, instead of making the pontoons using 10" pipe in two sections. The flotation is about the same and there is no need to join sections. The ride would be almost as smooth.

Heat-shaped pontoons make RebelCat 5 very fast, due to the wave-piercing, low-drag, wedge-shaped bows, which you see on modern cats. The DVD shows you how to heat-shape your bows, if you want. I invented this method, and you will see it only on this DVD. Update: I would make the bows a bit more pointed by using more than 2.5 times the diameter for the point. I would use 3x.

See RebelCat sailing 5 here. Seeing is believing, and if you see RebelCat 5 in action, you will understand more than I can explain in words. The design is unusual for a cat, but there are good reasons for that. This cat is actually comfortable to sail. You don't have to bounce around on a trampoline - you have padded seats out over the water that give you a clear view ahead and help balance the pressure of the wind against the sail without hiking out.

Get the DVD for FREE! It's very simple. Here are the rules:

1. Buy the DVD at this web site.

2. Build a RebelCat 5 catamaran sailboat, following the DVD.

3. Take photos of the construction process and the completed boat. Take video of the completed boat sailing.

4. Send me (or tell me where to download) at least 10 photos and 5 minutes of video taken as mentioned in #3, AND be one of the first 20 people to do so. (Check the First 20 RebelCats page here to see how many refunds are left - total will be 20.) By submitting said photos and video to me for approval, you agree to allow me to publish said photos and video on this web site and in promotional videos which may appear on YouTube and elsewhere.

5. Upon receipt of your photos and video, I will refund the purchase price of the DVD (minus shipping).

6. Your photos and video will appear on this web site on the First 20 RebelCats page and possibly elsewhere.

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