>News 9-21-09

A lot has been happening on RebelCat 5, and the happenings will soon appear here and on the RebelCat 5 Updates page. But first... I'm going sailing on my cat for two weeks, finally. Here's what's new...

Five new sails: Main, Jib, Small Main (storm sail), Storm Jib, Huge Jib (goes past the mast, so it might be something else). I wasn't completely satisfied with the performance of the two original sails.

Two new centerboards, using a new design (check it out)

Two rudders - one new and the other is the old one facelifted, both based on the new CB design. (here)

Mast Cam mount - video from above (hasn't been used yet)

Fore Spreader Cam mount - for video of what's ahead (update: new video has some of this)

Aft Spreader Cam mount - for video of who we're leaving behind. These are in waterproof housings I made, hanging below the spreaders, just above the water. (update: some footage here)

Boom Cam mount - not the actual sail boom, a new boom like a spinaker pole which bolts to either the fore or aft spreader and holds a camcorder to the side and can film in any direction. (update: This cam mount got spectacular footage from front and rear. Check the new video.)

I've been asked for video of RebelCat 5 MOVING, so that's what I plan to do in these two weeks. The DVD has video of RebelCat 5 sailing in low wind, but cats are fast, or supposed to be, so I hope there will be enough wind to show what this cat can do. (update: If you haven't seen it, the new video shows RC5 moving.)

Oh, and another waterproof camcorder hanging from a kite, and another tiny camcorder on a smaller kite. (update: with both hands on the cat, it was impossible to fly a kite.)

New cargo nets aft. The hooks were there but I never made the nets.

A handful of new cleats in places where holding rope is nice.

For those interested to know about the sailing event, it's the Lake Powell Messabout, this year at Hite, UT, followed by the Kokopelli Cruise - a one week trip downstream towards Good Hope Bay, camping along the way. Info: http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/06/calendar/powell.htm

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