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I know, it's been a long time since the last news. I'll come right to the point: I have been building a house in the desert and have not been able to go sailing or to attend events.

The house is in a remote place and requires a lot of effort just to get supplies to the site - there is no access road, so I carry everything a mile on my back. The good news is that I will soon have my first house on land that I own. More good news: This house project is providing the material for my next seven DVDs. It is more than a house and a home, it is a survival retreat.

If survival interests you, see my web site, still evolving, at:


The biggest news is the one at the bottom of the Home page and on the RebelCat Events page (here) - the amazing success of a DVD buyer and RebelCat 5 builder Zoltan Keleman in Hungary. He challenged a team of students to study the RebelCat 5 DVD and then build three, four or five RebelCats in one day (the more they made, the higher their grade) - a project management training exercise. The extraordinary success of this exercise suggests three things to me:

1. The leadership provided by Zoltan Keleman was exceptional
2. The team that built the five catamarans was highly motivated and capable
3. The DVD is complete and can be followed by untrained people to build real boats that work.

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