>First 20 RebelCats

1. Zoltan Keleman, Hungary

All RebelCats in the water Here are all five Cats built by a team who
were challenged in a management training exercise, along with a cat made by Zoltan Keleman (green sails).
Launching one of the five RebelCats Launching the only cat of the five with traffic cones fore. This cat will sail faster than the other four, due to the pointed bows.
Assembling Centerboard trunk to deck

The Cats assemble
easily from several parts. Here, the Bowsprit/ Centerboard Trunk unit is attached with bolts to the face of the Deck.

Disassembly is simply the reverse of assembly.

Carrying Cat partly assembled The Deck unit has been bound to the two pontoons. The Bowsprit is attached to the Front Spreader. The Cat is being carried by the Front Spreader.
Side view showing sails Side view of a Cat in the water, showing the mast and sails.
Cats sailing on lake Three of the Cats sail in a line on the lake.
The Group who made these cats in one day The Group of amazing trainees who passes with A+ by building five Cats in one day.

 To see more photos online of this amazing event, click the link to Picasa below:


2. W. Gattis, Colorado, USA

Next is a clip I found on YouTube by another RebelCat builder Mr. W. Gattis and Ben of Colorado. The handheld camcorder is a little unstable, but you can see clearly that the catamaran is, indeed, a RebelCat. Nice job! I look forward to more video of this cat taken from a tripod ;-)

 Gattis RebelCat Colorado

 Mr. Gattis sent me these pics of their sailing adventure with their homemade RebelCat.

Notice that he heat-shaped the bows and used traffic cones aft, just as I did on my RebelCat 5. This combination contributes to minimum drag and maximum speed.

 Family photo on their RebelCat  All smiles, so it must have been a lot of fun.


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