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Great video as im defiantly going to make this my summer project even though im 14 but hey if its as easy as you say ill be on the water in no time thanks! - Heyden K

Nice feeling to all of this, the true joy of sailing. Thank you for sharing. - tommymorey

sailing is so fun. I'm going to see if i can make that boat - erik s

wow perfect, someday i will build this for my family-thank u so much this video-from philippines - Nican G

This video and design inspired me a ton to make this and sail the lake beside my house....thank you! -runtaylor13

Thats fantastic, thank you for sharing a most unique idea, I have to build one? now. -arlziive

Been wanting to build a pontoon [sailboat] for the longest time and I've always wondered if the PVC would float. It does as you've proved. Thanks for this video as it has inspired me to build one as soon as? I can. -joshpick18

Perfect for my lake camping trip. Thanks man!!? -rocketman1244

Muito booom cara,,super interessante,,parabens desde? Brasil..The best.. -atajenlosnisperos

Felicitaciones por este? hermoso catamaran...intentare seguir su ejemplo, saludos desde argentina!! -clauagui1

You are awesome my friend. I have to? make some time to built one myself!!! -hirokum

I will make one next summer on Ċ½Irje -Thompson21212

I think I'll like this better than the two-plywood-sheet skiff I was about? to make before I saw this. -Twofunnyviews

I love your rebel cat sailboats they are so cool. -ryankasten

Wow! What a? great idea! The great thing about sailboats that are the size of ours is that you don't need a huge lake to sail them in. My usual sailing area is a lake that is no more than 50 meters across. Even kids without access to huge reservoirs could use a sailboat like yours on such a lake. Oh, and its a lot easier to make than mine was. :( Cheers -Williampreza

Awesome video, awesome boat and awesome narrated. I love your catamaran and it's? a good idea for building a cheap and simple but practical boat. Cheers -George

This is amazing. I have sailed some very expensive boats in my life but I never thought of making one of my? own. I figured it would probly be too much to build but somehow you have pulled it off. Mad props bro. -hopetown123

Nice to see anything home built that works this? good. -MrPaulzzzz

Hi, Very impressive and? inventive, I'm realy impressed! - Zoharfi

Awesome, looks like I'll have to? get me a pair of them plans! - Sheik480

Awesome boat and idea! I ordered the DVD from? you on Friday and am looking forward to my new spring project! - natureatcloserange

That? rocks!!!!! PVC pipes are amazing. Was camcorder aboard in a housing? This gives me the idea to so do someting similar on my sail canoe, for my camcorder. Thank you for sharing. - grafophone

The ultimate rebel cat!? Sooooo impresive! - kless001

This? is so cool. I live in southern California next to a bay, I'm definitely going to look for some pipes Tommorow haha. Thanks - Spencerh1279

Great video as im defiantly going to make this my summer project even though im 14 but? hey if its as easy as you say ill be on the water in no time thanks! - htkendall

UNREAL me and my buds are tryin to make one? this summer. - antianime

OMG... that's what's in my mind but i'm scared it not float. Now you prove it then i can start working on it . Thanks? ..marjamada.. - jackwestly

thanks, my dreamspace? expanded drastically today - dunn2all


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