>Camcorder Mount

To get dramatic video footage of RebelCat 5 sailing, I made several camcorder mounts. Two of them were clear plastic food canisters (Wal Mart) with compression lids with gaskets. I cut out the clear bottoms and glued in plexiglas for better optical qualities. These waterproof camcorder cases were then attached under the front and rear spreaders, just above the water, with a large hose clamp and bolt. The footage from the front camcorder shows the bow of one pontoon. The rear camcorder shows the view out the back, like my friend following in his monohull with the white sail.

To get elevated views, I made a long monopod from steel conduit with a tripod head on the top, attached it to either the front or rear spreader and held it up with a line to the top of the mast. Two other stays kept it from swinging from side to side. If you watch the video again, notice the clip taken from the dock on Willow Lake (just before the clip of me passing the dock). If you pause the video, you'll see the monopod out in front of the cat.

This monopod was also used on Lake Powell, mounted on the rear spreader, so the footage is of the cat and the view to the front.

I also made a camcorder mount on top of the mast, but it has so far not been used. In all cases, the camcorder must be turned on and started filming before launching the cat.

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