Awesome video, awesome boat and awesome narration. I love your catamaran, and it's a good idea for building a cheap and simple but practical boat. Cheers -George (from YouTube)

Are You Ready for
FAST and FUN Sailing?

With your own RebelCat 5 catamaran, you can leave the crowds (and slow sailboats!) behind. Sail off to discover beautiful beaches and camping spots you didn't even know existed. Check this out... (and imagine it's you)


Take a friend (or invite one aboard), spend a weekend, or an entire week! Explore your favorite lake, camp by the water, fish early in the morning, catch the sunrise, take photos and videos of exotic places you've never seen.

So why make a RebelCat catamaran?

  • That's easy. Cats are FAST and FUN! 
  • Easy to make from local materials with hand tools. 
  • No special boatbuilding skills required. 
  • No itchy fiberglass or smelly resin. 
  • Tie the cat on your roof-rack - no boat trailer required. 
  • Easy to maintain and customize for the way you sail. 
  • Easy to dive from and climb aboard. It won't tip over. 
  • Did I mention, cats are FAST! (see this video)

UPDATE: My original RebelCat 5 is for sale! more...

Catamarans are not for everybody - they sail quite fast and require some physical fitness. Elderly and less athletic people might do better with a slower sailboat.

If you can handle the action, then consider making a RebelCat 5. RebelCat 5 Intro and my latest YouTube video on the evolution of the RebelCat design and why to build one is here.

RebelCat 5 plans on DVD here.

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This man built a RebelCat 5 (and got his money back). But he didn't build just one, he challenged his team to build five, in one day!

Zoltan Keleman in Hungary asked his students to build five RebelCat 5 sailboats in one day, as a management training exercise. Here they are, all five, built in one day, plus Zoltan's cat (green sails). So far, this is the most impressive RebelCat 5 construction event I have seen. Here's another video of this amazing exercise...

Those of you interested in winning the $500 prize... you will have to top this. (Note: These five RebelCats were made with PVC elbow fittings fore and aft on the pontoons, to make construction easier, but also limiting their speed. The DVD shows how to mount traffic cones to the pontoons aft and how to heat-shape the bows to maximize speed. The videos at the top of this page and here demonstrate how well these work. Notice that the cat with green sails has traffic cones fore and aft and sails faster than the others.)

Zoltan Keleman took my DVD and not only built his own RebelCat 5, he saw the project as an ideal management training exercise. The videos above show that his team, with no boatbuilding training, could follow the DVD and make five RebelCats in one day. Congratulations, Zoltan, for an amazing job well done and a great example to inspire others.

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